Saturday, June 19, 2010


I apologize for being so vague in my last post and making you worry! I received lots of frantic emails asking if i was retiring for good!

NO, I'm NOT retiring, yet! You're stuck w/ me a wee bit longer friends ;)

However there will be changes in my products, so if there are kits you love that are on your wishlist, you might want to snag them now because I can't guarantee that they'll be available after the end of June.

Thank you again for your support and all the kind words, it's sooooo appreciated!

If you are looking for the coupon code to save 35% off my shop check out the post below. :)

Now for a bit of inspiration from the gallery.....

Little Graduate by cindys732003

simple-pleasures by sugirox

kauai dreaming by 4noisyboys

Have a wonderful Saturday my scrappy friends!
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