Wednesday, February 9, 2011

site crush | think geek

do you ever have those moments where you find a website.... fall in love and can't remember how you even found it? it's not just me, right?! okay, good... your dramatic pause had me all worried there for a sec!

i'm happy to introduce you to my newest site crush....

it combines my need for all things geek, with my love of just plain ol' silly and playful. Cuz seriously, does EVERYTHING have to make sense? i think not!

here are some of my favs for you to geek on....

(you will be mine, OH YES, you WILL be mine....)
don't have an ipad? no worries, cuz look....

they have it for your iphone too! *geek*

(oh yes Danielson, oh YES!)

or you could go subtle with the ipad arcade cabinet

these rude self inking stamps make me abnormally happy

and i KNOW how eating chocolate has been sucking up way too many hours in your day, 
so LOOK, now you don't even have to EAT it, you can just BREATH IT!

I like how they really sell ya on it by showing how neurotic and paranoid you get after whiffing the sweet sweet chemicals... I'm sold, you?

and something a tad more innocent....
(o.m.g. the cuteness!)
they claim it's "every child's dream", although I'm pretty sure CAKE is every child's dream... 
has it changed to PBJ?!

I could go on and on with the fun finds over at ThinkGeek, SO much fun! Hope you enjoyed!

Thank you ThinkGeek! *insert eye sparkle*


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