Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Therapy Scraps | wk 1

During the month of March, I'll be running a new series called Therapy Scraps.

Like the name suggests, it will focus on using scrapbooking and journaling as a form of therapy. I'm sure lots of you have found scrappbooking therapeutic at times,  I know I have. I can not imagine not having that outlet to vent my feelings.... through the good and bad dark times.

Journaling and documenting the difficult times can be very cathartic... and for many the big draw is that it's private... your thoughts and art are your own unless YOU choose to share them. Marilyn Luptak, a professor of Social Work, says, "by documenting past pain, it allows you to look forward. And then, when you're ready, to look back and see how far you've come."  I agree wholeheartedly. 

Each week of Therapy Scraps will cover a different topic and a challenge.

Let's jump on in!
Grief and loss. Yes, I wanted to start out with a nice light topic! :P Okay, well while not light, it is a topic most of us have or will deal with at some point or many points in our lives.

There is a huge range within this area... some more life changing than others and our reactions to them can vary extreme ranges as well. But how we deal with them are all our own... for better or worse, how we deal and adapt is singular to us and there is no right or wrong way.

I lost my Mother unexpectedly in the Summer of 2006. I don't think I've had to deal with anything more earth shattering in my life. I remember the whole sequence of events like it happened yesterday.... and my heart begins to pump just like it did then.... my eyes well with tears..... nearly 5 years later, I'm not "over" the loss, I'm not done grieving, I'm not done being angry or sad or lonely or without regret....... but I'm doing the best I can. That's all we can do sometimes.

Here is a layout I made in 2007 in response to the Digi Dare challenge "you think i'm _____"

by me

I remember feeling so much lighter after I journaled this page.... the feelings weren't removed, but they were OUT. It may sound silly, but even just that can be a huge weight off your back.

I asked a few other scrappers to take on this challenge of scrapping Loss/Grief. Here are their beautiful pages...

by Stephanie

I challenge... well really ENCOURAGE is probably a better word, to take the time and scrap on this topic as well. Feel free to link us up to your layouts, but if you prefer to keep this private, I understand completely.

Finally a question for you...

Do YOU find scrapbooking therapeutic?


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