Monday, March 7, 2011

Therapy Scraps | wk 2

Welcome back to Therapy Scraps!

Thank you for the warm feedback on this series. I know this has touched home for a lot of you and I'm so happy it's sparked inspiration for you! I know these aren't always easy topics to delve into.

Now let's jump into week two.....

This week we're tackling all those little and not so little things that sit on our shoulders and make us insecure. For some this is minor and for some it can be debilitating. What are those things that make you feel insecure.... Your weight, scars, behaviors you don't like, etc.

Hopefully, by scrapping those things we can get closer to moving past them or facing them head on.

Here's what I came up with...

the word art says, "today i will conquer my inner critic".... then i journaled: broken  ...but fixable

will i ever be the person I fully want to be? i don't know.... can i be lighter and easier on myself inspite of my flaws, my flab, my crabby moods, my neediness, my longing for "edward", ..... yes.... that I have the power to do.

Here are some more takes on this challenge....

by stephanie

by mary

What is the mountain you carry around with you? 


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