Monday, March 14, 2011

Therapy Scraps | wk 3

Wow, I can't believe we're already on week 3! Why does life seem to move faster and faster each day... or maybe that's just me! :P

This week we're going to tackle CHANGE.....
What is it about change that makes us feel so uneasy and set into a panic? I mean come on, change can be fun, right? Think about it.... there is a whole world of adventure just waiting for us out there if we can just embrace it and not curl up into the fetal position at the thought of what could possibly lie ahead. That's human nature though... and not all change is fun or easy, but regardless, we are best off taking that bull by the horns (WHO came up with that phrase btw?!) and facing it.

What change are YOU tackling? Weight loss, moving on from divorce, changing cities, switching jobs.....?

For me it's always about my weight. When I'm thin, I think I'm fat, when I'm fat, I think I'm ginormous.... I come from a long line of irrational thinkers. :P So here's my page touching on that....

by me

And here are some other amazing takes on this challenge....

by Mary

by Carolee

by  Ophelia

Thank you for your beautiful pages ladies!

I hope you've been enjoying this series, next we'll be wrapping things up!


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