Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Poll: Template Preferences

Templates... love them or hate them?

I love templates as a jumping off point, especially when I'm feeling less than creative. Know that feeling? Recently there's been some discussion about what types of files we prefer to use... 

.Tif vs .PSD
do you prefer .png files instead?

So, where do YOU stand?

As a designer, I would love to get your feedback on this, this way I can be sure I'm saving my templates in a way that  works best for YOU, so please chime in! :)

What are *MY* preferences? Oh, well, I'm a 12x12 .tif file kinda gal. I love that the .tif file sizes are so much smaller than the .psd's!


PS. YES, i realize that i goofed up the poll and should have had TWO polls... one for file type and one for size.... oopsy, just pretend you didn't realize, k? :P
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