Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Elf on the Shelf | Inspiration

'Tis the season to embrace old family traditions or start some new ones. Decorating cookies with my family is at the top of the list of childhood memories for me and one I carry on with my own children. One new one I'd like to start.... albeit belatedly, is the Elf on the Shelf hoopla! Do YOU roll with the Elf?

Don't know what the heck I'm talking about? In a nutshell, you purchase the elf doll/book set, then your little elf creates mischief each night up until Christmas. Some people keep this really simple by just moving the elf's location each day, but some people go HOG WILD with creativity!

Here are a few great photos of elves getting their naughty on...

lil elf notes printable

And here are some MORE ideas from web-land to get your elf active at your home...
  • have a party with the Barbies
  • watch a movie
  • put away all the clean dishes in the dishwasher
  • read books snuggled up in a doll bed
  • set up a scavenger hunt for small presents or ornaments hidden around house
  • make a fort out of cans in pantry
  • snowball marshmallow fight
  • make snow angels on the kitchen counter with flour/salt/sugar
  • snowball fight with other stuffed animals (cotton balls)
  • Make cookies and leaves a big mess!
  • Ride on the ceiling fan
  • Watch movies
  • Hide pet food dishes
  • toilet papered the christmas tree
  • put underwear and socks on tree
  • play solitare
  • hide in the freezer
  • color the toilet water green
  • write his name in toothpaste on the bathroom mirror
  • spell his name out in cereal
  • unroll toilet paper in the house
  • line up shoes as if they're walking
  • drive around in a Barbie car
  • have a pool party with dolls
  • hang upside down from the kitchen light
  • play game of cards
  • have a popcorn party
  • turn the milk green or red
  • spelled out his name with letter tiles
  • read some books
  • fish with a straw in a bowl of goldfish crackers
  • take the camera and took lots of pictures of himself
  • separate the red and green m & m's into different bowls
  • make a Lego house
  • bring small presents
  • spell his name out in toothpicks
  • roast marshmallows near a small candle with mini marshmallows on toothpicks.
  • Spray note on windows with snow in a can
  • Spell out "HO HO HO" in toilet paper on the floor
  • Turn kids clothes inside out
  • Fill the bathroom with balloons.
  • hide in the christmas tree
  • eat the inside of an Oreo and sleep on top of the package
  • hack into your Facebook page, replace your avatar with a picture of himself & posted silly messages in crazy type lIkE thIS!
  • make a zip line from upstairs to the downstairs
  • Cover up the names on the stockings with a piece of tape with his name on it.
  • playing board game
  • decorate the tree with toilet paper
  • Take out all the books from the bookshelf
  • wrap gifts by the tree, making a huge mess
  • make a scavenger hunt by taking yarn and threading it through the house to find the present at the end.
  • Take a bath in the doll house bath tub
  • draw funny things framed photos with dry erase marker
  • hang out on top of tv
  • bungee jump from the light pull on the ceiling fan with a cut rubber band
  • pile up pillows to mk mountain
  • eat a bowl of cereal
  • make a village out of blocks
  • sit on steering wheel in car
  • get stuck in a vase
  • sit under a glass
  • play dress up in doll clothes
  • ride on a train set
  • decorate windows or mirrors
  • have a Christmas party with dolls

xo Lauren
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