Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Posting to Galleries

For most scrapbookers, posting their layouts to galleries is either a normal part of their scrappy process or it's fairly dreaded! Those of us in the "i " camp, don't necessarily understand why anyone would be fearful of putting their pages out there in the open. But, some feel their pages aren't good enough & are worried about negative feedback. My advise to those people... "JUMP ON IN!" I've been posting my layouts for ages (even my not-so-wonderful-what-was-i-thinking pages) & have yet to receive a hurtful comment.

layout by me
[ooooh aaaaah] :P

But WHERE to post?

I recently turned to my Facebook Scrappy friends to help me compile a list of "Open Galleries". Meaning, you can post your layouts even if you aren't using that site's products. I've added the number of layouts allowed & sizing limits if I was able to find them.

DigiShopTalk | 5 uploads/day | no size limit
DigiScrapAddicts | 10 uploads/day | 200k limit
My Scrapbook Art | 5 uploads/day | 250k limit
Me So Scrappy | no size limit
Log Your Memory | 5 uploads/day | 1000k limit
Scrap Insider | no size limit
Digi Scrap Forum | 5 uploads/day | 15mb limit
Digital Scrap Artisan Guild | 3 uploads/day | 175k limit | 10 at once | 10mb
Club CK | not sure of #/sizing
Design House Digital | no size limit
Digi Scrappers Brasil | 5 uploads/day | 200000k limit
Gotta Pixel | 6 uploads/day | 200k limit
Scrapbook Bytes | 225k limit
The Digi Chick | 5 uploads/day | 250k limit
Plain Digital Wrapper | not sure of #/sizing

There are also Closed Galleries, where you need to use that sites' products to post in their gallery. Remember to be respectful and read each galleries rules before posting.

Other options:
Hope this helps! Feel free to bookmark or PIN this page for future reference! :)

xo Lauren
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