Tuesday, May 1, 2012

WIN a copy of Everyday Storyteller

We were recently discussing in the OSD forums, the neatness (or lack their of) of our desks.

This is my space:

Although it may look like a hot mess, I like to say it's organized chaos. I can shuffle  a few things about and find exactly what I'm looking for... most of the time that is!

And... so that I need not hang my head in shame.... guess who else lived his life in organized chaos?!

Yes, that's right, Mr. Albert Einstein! Not back company, huh?

There's a great article called Organize Life Like Albert Einstein that talks about his method of organization not appearing very organized at all. 
"Only put in enough energy and effort so as to pull out of life what really matters, what you really want. Be organized enough that you can find everything you need or want, when you need or want it. But don't fret over the small stuff. And have a way to be confident you can tell the small stuff from the big stuff."
My tip to you is to put a system in place that will help you be organized enough to help keep away the stress of frantically trying to track things down, but not to get wrapped up in so many details, that the process itself, becomes stressful. Find simplicity.

Welcome friends who are popping by from the Everyday Storyteller Blog Hop!!!

Have ya'll seen the promo's for this book??? I feel so honored to have been invited to participate in this book... the scrappers involved are PHENOMENAL! Here's a little peek:

If you haven't already done so, be sure to head over and sign up for a VIP invite to the book's launch party at 8:30pm CDT on Friday, May 4. There will be more than $700 in prizes given away from our sponsors (including OSD!) during the party! Woot!

Want a chance to WIN the book before it's available for sale?!

TO ENTER:Reply to this post and tell me HOW organized you are on a scale of 0-10! 
DEADLINE: Tonight @ 11:59pm (CDT)
Good luck!

Want even MORE chances to win? Hop on over to all these blogs and enter!

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