Wednesday, March 10, 2010

March Holidays & Special Days

Did you know that all these lesser celebrated special occasions are celebrated in March?! And just cuz Hallmark hasn't figured out a way to commercialize them, doesn't mean we shouldn't pay them some tribute, right?! (You could even go all the way and make a few cupcakes to celebrate too..... i mean.... everything is better with a cupcakes, right?! oooh and maybe some confetti too!)

Celebrated in March:

American Red Cross Month (lend a hand!)
Irish-American Heritage Month (drink up!)
Music in our Schools Month (woot!)
National Craft Month (ah, sweet serenity!)
National Frozen Food Month (seriously?)
National Noodle Month (ever hear of those "miracle noodles"?)
National Nutrition Month (eat more veggies! hurt less animals.. just sayin'...)
Woman's History Month (we rock!)
Youth Art Month (support young creativity!!!)

AND if those don't fire you up to get some scrappin' done, how about this.... next week is CROCHET WEEK! And you KNOW crocheting isn't just for the old ladies at bingo anymore!

I challenge you to take one of these lesser loved "holidays" and come up with a way to scrap one of them... The first person to document National Frozen Food Month gets my undying awe for life!!!

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