Tuesday, April 27, 2010

recipe: raw kale & beet salad

i realize this is OT, but i realized i'm not all that great at managing multiple blogs, so for the time being, i'm going to mush them all together on this one. i apologize if this annoys you, but i'm trying to save myself a wee bit of sanity. ;)

Raw Kale and Beet Salad
(adapted from Russell James's recipe for kale & tahini salad)

kale (i used about a handful - maybe 6 or so leaves) chopped
(if you aren't familiar w/ kale, you'll find it by the other greens in your produce section)
kosher salt
extra virgin olive oil (drizzle)
juice of 1/2 a lemon (mine was REALLY juicy!)
1 heaping tsp. natural peanut butter
black pepper or other pepper you like (cayenne, red pepper flakes, etc)
agave (little drizzle - maybe a tsp)
1 beet (peeled & grated)

this is so super easy to make, delish and great for you!

* remove the think part of the stem from the kale, then gather up a handful of kale and bunch it up together and slice (give you a nice rough chop)
* throw kale in a big bowl & add in a sprinkling of salt & drizzle of olive oil. massage these together to help the kale wilt and break down a little
* combine lemon juice, pb, pepper & agave together to make a little sauce (mixing together first isn't necessary, but will help the pb spread around the greens more easily. (uh...trust me)
* pour over greens & mix til well coated
* taste and adjust seasonings
* peel & grate the raw beet (note: it will stain your hands pink pink pink!)
* add as much of the grated beet to the salad as you like and mix together.
(if you have extra grated beet left over, add the pb sauce over it, it's yummy!)

oh and i forgot to take a pic before i ate it up, but here's a pic that looks very similar to mine...

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