Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Teacher Gifts (part 1)

The end of the school year is quickly approaching for many of our kiddos. If you're like me, you're beginning to panic about finding or creating the perfect gifts for the teachers.

Let's see if we can round up some cute and crafty ideas that will knock their socks off!

How sweet are these monograms by Wild Wyoming Girl?! I love the added little details she's added here. You can find a tutorial complete with photos over on here blog.

OH MY DOODLEY GOODNESS! Wouldn't this make such a sweet group gift!? Visit aedrieloriginals to check out her beautiful work!

OMG a PENCIL vase!!! I about fell over from adorable shock when i saw this over at the 2 Clever Blog! She says, "It's just a bunch of #2 pencils around a Crystal Light canister thingy {you could use a OJ can too}. We used 3 white rubberbands to hold them in place and a piece of cardboard taped on the bottom to hold them up. You could glue them on but I like the idea of the teacher being able to use the pencils for her class when the flowers fade away."

You just CAN'T go wrong with food gifts can you?! Not only do these look delish, but beautiful to boot! Check out inchmark's post on this for more on this beauty!

And did i mention you can NEVER go wrong with food?!?!?! *droooool* If someone EVER brought me a plate of these puppies..... well, let's just say, it wouldn't be pretty! ;) Hop over to Cookies and Cups for instructions and to do some more oooh and aaaah'ing.

Well that wraps up installment #1 on Teacher Gifts, I'll be back with more ideas soon! And if you have a brilliant idea that you've found, please let us know!

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