Saturday, May 1, 2010

Happy iNSD!!!!!

Holy smokes is this gonna be a long post! You KNOW how i like to ramble, so i'm sure that won't help things either... I'll TRY to stick to the topic though today, i promise!

Did i already tell you that I'm a guest again at the Lily Pad for iNSD!?!? I have 3 new products up that coordinate with their May BYOC (build your own collab) AND i've teamed up with 2 of their FAB designers to bring you some amazing new kits!

I teamed up the doodle queen herself, miss Lili (of designs by Lili) to bring you Cloud 9. I ensure it will bring you happiness! Scouts honor!

When you buy the kit during iNSD weekend, you'll be entered to win GCs to our stores as well!!!







THEN, i hooked up with the amazingly creative Valorie Wibbens to bring you Kitschy Kamera!!!






AND one more little TLP tidbit.... they are having a Facebook "hop" full of freebies you can snag! Here is my goody:

You can snag it by heading over to my Facebook page HERE and then head over to the TLP Facebook page for more links!

THEN, be sure to head over to my SSD shoppe and hit my new releases this week... the whole shoppe is 35% off!!!!

Friendly Service Announcement: Please be patient with the stores today, the huge influx of people at the shoppes today will surely make them slower, so just hang in there and we'll get ya hooked up! xo

Wait, is that it?! I feel like i'm forgetting to tell you something...... Hmmm.... if i remember, I'll be sure to post back again!

OH and if you're still looking for TEACHER GIFT ideas, be sure to check out THIS post and I'll be posting the next installment tomorrow!

Have an amazingly fun iNSD friends!!!!


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