Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Let's talk lunchboxes...

I have no idea how half of the Summer has managed to zip right on by! I thought we had oodles of time left before having to think about school again, but boy was I wrong.... Everywhere I turn there are Back To School advertisements trying to suck my money away early... I'm so not ready to think about school year chaos yet though.

In hopes of tackling our back to school lists slowly..... I'm going to start with brainstorming LUNCHBOXES!

"What's there to think about?!", you say...... yes, I do realize you can snag a lunchbox at most stores, but I like to cause myself as much stress as possible ;) Well, not intentionally mind you.....

Last year the boys had Laptop Lunchboxes which were good, but I'd really like to see what all my options are before plunking down money on anything.

So let's see what we can dig up.................OH and let me preface this by saying that I'm really into the bento style lunch kits, i find they make it really easy to come up with well balanced lunches.

(the one thing i dislike about the laptop lunches is the smell of the water bottles. they have SUCH a strong plastic/toxic odor that washing [a lot] never got rid of.... )

(i have a set of the little tins, which i really like, but ordered a set of the reusable sandwich wrappers and was completely PUT OFF by the plastic smell of them.... I have yet to use them because of that....)
Lunchville sells a variety of lunchbox ware. I'm really digging these BUILT bags to put lunches in!

Some other fun bento recipes/sites:
http://kawaiikiki.livejournal.com/tag/bento (veggie)
http://maisieeatsbento.blogspot.com/ (picky eater)
 also try searching "bento accessories" at amazon.com!


how cool is that?! puuuurty!

or what about this cookbook!!!!

Hope you get to enjoy some bento fun with your kids! Now I need to figure out what cute boxes and bags I want for the kiddos! Hmmmmm.........
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