Sunday, July 25, 2010

PAPER to DIGI Challenge!

Alright friends, in a selfish effort to get more layouts done.... I'm bringing back the PAPER to DIGI Challenge!

This round we are being inspired by this gorgeous layout by wombat146:

It's fabulous isn't it?! I adore the treatment on the photo, the layering, the colors, the stamping details... everything. It's soft, lovely and inspiring.

Like w/ other scraplifts, use this layout as inspiration... your page doesn't need to be a replica of this layout...  this is just a jumping off point.

Ready, set, GO!

Be sure to pop back in and show me what you come up with!


ETA: Thank you to Kristin for pointing out the fact that i forgot to proof read the credits of my layout selection...... uh..... yeah.... so it's DIGITAL! ooopsy! It's inspiring regardless though, so get your lift on!
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