Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Dear Photograph

You know when you look at old photos and think, "I wonder what that place looks like now." or you drive past the school you grew up in and are flooded with old memories? Well that's basically what the blog, Dear Photograph is based on.

Taylor Jones, creator of the blog, took old photographs and brought them into the present... combining two times into one amazing memory. Jones' blog began with photos he created, but he now takes submissions from readers as well. These morphed photographs speak for themselves and the quick notes under them are powerful. I'm certain you'll be inspired.

Here are some shots from Dear Photograph...

Dear Photograph, 
At the time it was not common for a man to walk behind a pram.
I’m still proud of my father.
Eva Willemier Westra

letting go
Dear Photograph,
Letting go of my mother’s hand the first day of school was always the hardest.

Dear Photograph,
Je t’aime Paris, but I love my mother more. After 15 years she finally brought me along!
Leah Romm

thank you
Dear Photograph,
Thank you for everything we had.

Dear Photograph,
It’s nice to know that we loved each other once upon a time.

For more info on Taylor Jones and Dear Photograph, check out this article by ABC.
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