Monday, September 12, 2011

My. Art. Stinks.

Do you ever get that feeling? If you said, "No!"... well, I'm afraid you'll need to leave right now! No, no, come back, it's okay. I would LOVE to feel that way. I don't know that I'll ever reach that level of confidence, but it does sound dreamy.

image via pinterest

I often hear scrappers say their pages aren't good enough... or they wish they could scrap like Amy Awesomesauce.... Well, in the wise words of Julia Roberts in My Best Friend's Wedding, "You're NEVER gonna be Jello-O!" In other words, your art is forever yours, but that doesn't need to be a tragic life-sentence. It's all in your perspective....

Try to keep in mind...
  • There is NO right or wrong in art. If the process makes you happy. It's right.
  • You're skills will forever be evolving, but there is no shame in being where you are right now.
  • We are memory keepers... We have stories to tell... Don't let insecurities keep you from telling them.
During a recent discussion about this very topic, my scrappy friend Alli, linked us up to a wonderful video that hits home on this topic.

So go easy on yourself and know that someone thinks YOUR pages are pretty darn special too!

xo L
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