Thursday, January 26, 2012

Baker's Twine Love

Are you part of this crazy love affair with Baker's Twine??? My chips are all in on this one! & Do you remember REAL baker's twine, you know... from the bakery? I do and whenever I see it in the craft world, it brings back happy memories of being little and my grandfather showing up at our house with a white box full of yummies from the bakery all tied up with red baker's twine.

Today we're going to check out loads of ways to rock out some twine on your projects....

create a custom twine alpha! via lifelovepaper 

make a fun border! by NancyDamiano 

hang those tags! by snaggletooth75

make WORDS by joscie cutchens 

by jenny tait

wrap up your pressies! via craft critique 

make a grid! by amanda resende 

hello packaging via ohhellofriend 

round & round! via day designs

rainbow it! via papercraftsconnection

by Nicole LeBlanc

 as little accents! by ElizabethCarney

hoop love! via thetwineryblog

Digi Scrappers, you're in luck, there's more and more baker's twine popping up all the time in element packs and kits, here are a few to get you rolling:
Wanna get your hands on some real in-life twine? Check out these products:
And in honor of our sweet sweet twine, i'll leave you with some Ryan Gosling...

xo Lauren
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