Sunday, February 10, 2013

Book Review

Today I have a review for you on a  great new book called Photo Craft by Susan Tuttle and Christy Hydeck. 


Photo Craft features tips, tricks and projects that combine the art of photography with the messy goodness of mixed media arts.  The book will help take your photos to the next creative level! Did I mention they even drop in iPhonography tips and app suggestions?! *swoon*

Those of you familiar with Photoshop Elements will be excited to see that the photo editing tricks are done using tools found in PSE. "Regular" Photoshop users can easily adapt these to your own system. I'm not sure how easily they'll translate if  you're using other graphics programs. A few of the techniques covered include removing unwanted areas of your photos using the clone tool, using blend modes, and creating cross-processed images.

My favorite technique had to be about shooting through found materials.... I had NO idea you could shoot through tissue paper and other items to achieve really interesting effects! Think super cool blurs and photo tints!

Oh the photography.... be prepared to be inspired... the whimsical shots will keep you thumbing through the book while your dirty laundry pile continues to grow.

Throughout the book you'll also find crafty projects thrown in. They have thoughtfully provided step-by-step directions (complete with more gorgeous photos) which lay out just what to do and what supplies are needed. Very helpful for those of us who have a fear of "messing up". 

One of my favorites projects was on how to create a realistic looking watercolor painting using a photo as the basis. Below you can see how I used this technique to create this a sweet Valentine's Day card. 


There were only a few steps involved and I think it came out really sweet!

Want a chance to WIN a copy of Photo Craft so you test out the projects yourself???

Head over to the OSD blog to enter!

xo Lauren
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