Sunday, November 30, 2014

Elf on the Shelf Ideas Week | Day 7

Today is the final day of Elf on the Shelf Ideas Week! (Stay strong friends, stay. strong.)

We've seen a lot of adorable elves that, for the most part, have been behaving themselves. I think we need to take a look at a few elves who are a bit less well mannered (nothing too racy... this IS a PG blog after all!).

Naughty Elves

By Evy Photography, Elf on shelf -

IMG 5632CMproDaily Today I came home after volunteering at school to find:
our elf also has a shoe fetish... he likes to put ours on the chandelier!

oh the many uses of washi tape...

Elf on the Shelf Ideas!

swinging elves
swinging from...underwear...

elf tunnel
they made a hallway into a tunnel too!

gift wrapped table... clever!

elf on a shelf balloon ball pit in tub

Elf on the Shelf
who can resist cake?

awe... he made lunch & wrapped it with love!

A dozen practical jokes to do on your kids - make them giggle at the unexpected
LOTS of cute ideas that your elf could implement HERE & HERE too!

Hi Sugarplum | Elf on a Shelf
too far?

Let's change subjects then, shall we? Are you a DIY'er? If so, here are some great costume ideas you could tackle this very second! 


elf sized bowties!

Elf-DIY-Apron (4)
a skirt for the ladies! this is the one our new girl is sporting!

another skirt option (girls LOVE options!)

look at these fancy duds!

elf on the shelf crochet patterns
if you crochet, you could even make a brand new elf!

cape from HERE

And for all my local A&M fans... OMG!
There are no DIY details, but it's a good jumping point!

Saying Goodbye

Saying goodbye is never easy. Some break ties with a lovely long letter or a big sparkly party, others prefer the bandaid method, leaving only a quick note if anything at all. Here are some ideas to help make the departure less painful.

elf on the shelf goodbye 575x451 The Best Ways to Say Hello & Goodbye to Your Elf on the Shelf

All packed up & ready to move on out!

Other ideas:
Farewell breakfast (like the arrival one from Day 1)
Leave a holiday book
Scavenger Hunt (find hidden notes & treats)
Deliver Christmas jammies
or just a simple note spelled out on the counter

Hope you found Elf on the Shelf Ideas Week helpful! Have a fun season with your elves & family!

xo L

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